Sew What!

Sew what!  This season has been so hard for me to wrap my head around this clothing line, making my own patterns, executing production and the status of my clothes are looking industry ready.

I said to myself “I have learned too many tools of this trade to not be ready for this upcoming “Teddy bear Picnic” Fashion Show.   Sew what!  My line is so serious to me.  Sew What!  I have my sewing room together and my notions set in the right place.  To my colleagues I wish you luck on you completed designs.  Sew WHAT!  I want to be in the classroom learning the next new technique.  I just sit and sew what I’m supposed to.  Get it done.


This Christmas!

Oh, how I love this time of year.  Family, friends, love and laughter.  Even though it should be all year long.  We fail to see one another on a regular basis.  I love my family.  Not just for the love, for the fashion.  The style is infectious.  You cant help to be sharp at the ugly sweater party or at Christmas breakfast.  I know, I know its called ugly for a reason but we are too cute to care about buying anything grotesque.

Design Collections

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Hearts on fire!


Hearts on Fire: icicle drop collar dress, Khaki bustle trench, fire drop and roll dress.

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All That Rump!


All that Rump: tights w/ruffle calf, bustle army capped shirt, coulotte dress bustle back, ruched skirt and ruffle shirt.

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Now is the Time!: jumper w/ ruffle back, romper with drop crotch, Silver vinyl jacket, Ruffle dress, silver tights and collar shirts

couture hor dourves

couture hor dourves

Vivienne westwood coat

Vivienne Westwood activewear pants
$175 –

Vivienne westwood jewelry
$120 –

Chanel FW17 Runway

This beautiful show of the upcoming style for the fall/winter emphasizes classic plaid designs in neutral hues of color.  The mood of the collection was very harmonious.  Navy, gray, white and blacks all featured in show.


The silhouettes that were dominant were tubular, aline and a few wedged shaped.  I thought the details to the seam ending were beautiful.  Thick cuffs, optical mixes and complementary colors were used accordingly.  These women are fierce shoot me out of a rocket any day or fire me off to the moon.  They had every right to hang on the the classic undying suit jacket.  


Muff style pocketbook with a fox fur texture and the trenchcoats along with a few shift dresses were my absolute favorite.